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Welcome to the world of SAKE.


Among all of the products that have been created in Japan, sake is one of the oldest and most fascinating ones.

Considering sake has been existing for more than 1500 years already, it has become closely intertwined with the culture and the lives of Japanese people today.

Currently, there are over 1400 sake breweries located in various places in Japan.


There are many sake breweries which has a long history of 100, 200 or even 300 years, and carrying their own unique philosophy and specialty, constantly striving to create their ideal sake.


You can have a glass of sake by itself, but pairing it with food works very well too.

It is a truly heartwarming drink that can be enjoyed at both hot and cold temperatures.


There are several secrets hidden within sake. Did you know that sake used to be a special drink that could only be produced in Japan until recently?

And did you know that sake is very closely related to many fields like culture, society, agriculture, the environment, economics and science, and that you can gain a lot of knowledge through sake?


In the last few years, the world has started to learn about sake and its charming taste, causing its export to rapidly expand.

We would like to welcome you to this traditional, interesting new world of sake!