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"Kuratje" consists of two words: "Kura" in Japanese, & "tje" in Dutch.“Kura” refers to a brewery that creates sake, miso or soy sauce, and a building where furniture and other belongings are typically stored .“Tje” means “small” or “cute” in Dutch. I'd like to be like a small "Kura" here on behalf of Japanese breweries.


I was born in Tohoku area. After I graduated from university, I've worked in a global business/trading company in Tokyo for a long time. I had a great time working there, but I gradually came to love Europe. I also really loved sake and Japanese culture because of its uniqueness. So I made a decision to change my passion into my business. I've changed my job to a sake brewery in Miyagi prefecture. I learned many things about sake. And I've also visited many places within the six prefectures of Tohoku. Thanks to all of my travelling, I got to know the beauty of nature and culture, and the kindness of the people.


I've learned how delicate sake is. Therefore, you can be rest assured that we will take the utmost care of our products to prevent the quality from decreasing by monitoring the transportation and storage process of our sake. I also have very good relationship with my partner breweries. I love their products so much, and I deeply respect them.


Sake that is carefully made by craftsmen with all their heart is really beautiful and delicious.
Have you ever tried such sake?
I would be happy if you could come to like Japanese sake through ours.


                                                                                                      Owner   Kenya Mori

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